Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cool Reads ~ StumbleUpon

Oh! I've found the perfect site for an eclectic web surfer like me! I was bopping around the net last night when I stumbled upon ~ Stumbleupon.com! Sign up is free (always a plus, in my book) and it enables you to peruse various web sites, based on your interests. Anyone interested in signing up for this can go here to sign up and start Stumbling!

Now, I'll be honest ~ I wasn't all that excited about it when I first heard about it, but I thought... "What the heck? It's free!" (I'm always a sucker for free stuff). So, I gave it a shot and I'm not kidding ~ I was up until after 3am last night Stumbling around the web. I've been a random surfer for many, many years but I know that, on my own, I would never have found some of the sites I visited last night without Stumbleupon.

So! I thought I'd share some of the interesting places I stumbled upon...

1. How to get rid of things: Holy moley... This site covers it all! Everything from acne to bugs to ghosts! You can tell that the people behind this site have either a vast amount of professional knowledge, or they've done a crap-load of research. They even cover some aquarium-related how-to's. (double plus!) One thing that I found personally significant is that they offer many natural remedies, in addition to commerical products. Even if your life is perfect as it is (ha! doubtful, right?) and you have no need to rid yourself of anything, this still makes for a remarkably interesting read.

Thumbs UP!

2. You Grow Girl: Anyone interested in gardening or just having a nice yard will find something of benefit on this site. The writers and the community at this site have a strong emphasis on eco-friendly gardening and bucket loads of unique ideas and tips.

Thumbs UP!

And so concludes the first installment of Cool Reads (mostly because I need to get to bed early tonight! lol). Until next time... keep on Stumbling!

Wanna share any cool sites you've stumbled across recently? Or comment on those I've listed? Let us know!

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Leanne said...

Seems like a cool site. I'll have to check it out more thouroughly later. Think I spelled that word wrong. lol.

I did find a cool video of a guy making a bunch of puppies go to sleep by singing to them. Cute. I think I sent it to you already.

Don't stay up too late surfing. You'll kill yourself and then you will really be swimming with the fishies.