Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Things I Learned the Hard Way

Well, I've been digging around in my brain (ouch) for some things to add to The Fickle Fishbowl. I've got quite a list, but I realize now that they aren't really in keeping with the orginal idea for the Fickle Fishbowl. Rather, they're more along the lines of "stupid things I've done." <-- I guess that could be my alternate title for this post! :) So, instead of trying to pull a Fickle Fishbowl post outta my you-know-where (cuz let's face it - it would be stinky), I thought I'd delight you all with a few "what not to do" ideas. If my foolishness can save just one person from experiencing some of these... well, then my suffering has not been vain. (and if you laugh your butt off, then it's all been worth it!)

1. Wash your hands

Most of us know to wash our hands before we eat and after we use the bathroom (at least I hope so). Some of us know to wash our hands before we stick them in our fish tanks to keep the oils and chemicals out the tank. But do we all wash our hands when we're all done?

Yeah? How about between tanks? Why is this important?

Well, first off - you really can't wash your hands too much (OCD aside). But more importantly for this post, there is that "window for error" in the space of time between ending work on one tank and beginning work on another. During that window (no matter how long or short it may be) all sorts of unfortunate things can happen. Here's just one example:

I wash my hands and begin doing a water change on one of my tanks. I've now got "fish-poo" water (as my family calls it) all over my hands. My son comes in and offers me a piece of his candy. "Oh, how nice of him to want to share with me," I think. But I remind him of the "fish-poo" water and have him pop the tasty treat into my mouth. Then I thank him and mentally pat myself on the back for reinforcing my son's desire to share while maintaining sanitary conditions. (two thumbs WAY up for Mommy!)

I rock, right? Yeah well... just wait. So I finish that water change get ready to do the next tank. I'm not actually doing the water change yet, so I guess my brain took a little break. Cuz here's the important fact I've neglected to mention so far. That yummy candy my son was sharing? Umm, yeah... they were JuJee Fruits. You know, the candy with super-glue as it's primary ingredient? Hmmm, yep - that one. So what does super-fishie-mommy do? Sticks her finger in her mouth to dig the candy out of her teeth. Oh yeah - I did. (gack!) Suddenly a flavor other than the candy flavor fills my mouth. Anyone who has ever had a mouthful of mid-summer pond water knows what I'm talking about.

Moral of the story? One thing I learned the hard way - I can't trust my brain to save me, so always error on the side of caution. Wash hands before, during and after work on tanks. Wash, wash often and when in doubt - wash again.

Swim on by later in the week for another "Things I Learned the Hard Way" (aka Stupid Things I've Done).

Got a thing you learned the hard way to share? Just want to comment on my stupidity? Post a comment and let us know!


Kara DeWildt said...

Eeewwwooo! That's almost as bad as mistaking babypoop for grey poupon and licking your fingers! Nope. Not me. I always wash my hands after diaper changes. I read that in a magazine. Yeah, wash your hands is always good advice.

Leanne said...

Ew. I remember hearing about Mac eating baby poop. haha.

While I haven't done too many dumb things with our fish tank, I have done plenty of other dumb things in my normal life :) Just last Friday, I wanted to move the George Forman grill from one counter to the other. I THOUGHT I had picked up the little cup that catches grease along with the grill. Nope. I DID bump it tho. Bumped it enough to fling a ton of bacon grease all over the back of my leg and up to my booty (as Macie calls it). There was also bacon grease smeared on my cupboards and all over the floor. Ever try to clean up bacon grease? Not so easy or fun. Ugh.

Nikabee said...

I don't remember Mac eating poop, but I do remember someone getting baby puke in their mouths... wasn't that Mac? lol

Geez Lanie, your leg ok now? Grease burns blow.

Kara DeWildt said...

Actually, it was Mac either. I just read about in some baby magazine. And it was under anonymous. Ha, ha!